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Welcome to the world of Radio City of Legends, where you can hear some of the greatest works of modern poets, interpreted by both established and up and coming authors. From spiritual to erotic, workaday to exotic, here is the place to download for Podcast or just hang and listen to the words as spoken by the very radiant tigers what penned them.

From Out of the City: The weekly podcast show available here or by subscription through the iTunes Music Store
2007 09 30: The crisis in Myanmar is reflected on in the poet's new work 'They're Shooting Monks in Burma'. (11:42)
2007 09 23: The poet presents, with commentary, the entirety of his new CD, 'Amomancer: nightblooming', which is being released tomorrow. (54:02)
2007 09 10: 'Huerta', the poet introduces listeners to the dark and erotic works of his latest protˇgˇ. (12.:47)
2007 09 02: 'Enchante', a new song from the Gods of Love, plus a discussion of the latest video based on 'Darfur (Jesus Wept). (14:25)
2007 08 19: 'Bragi bleeds' and 'The Warm Wine', a new song from the Gods of Love. (17:08)
2007 08 12: A celebration of the muses, featuring the poems 'You Could Not Say the Words', 'Blood/Lust' and 3 others. (12:31)
2007 07 08: 'Commitment'. (20:04)
2007 07 01: 'Vodka and Condoms'. (14:40)
2007 06 17: For Father's Day the poet reads and discusses his works about his children, including 'Phobos and Deimos' and 'Peri at 16'. (12:41)
2007 06 09: The poet presents his poems 'tip for tap' and 'Penny Arcade' as he reflects on an extraordinary week. (20:24)
2007 05 20: Three performance studies. Featuring the poems 'the taste of a shy smile, 'Uriah' and 'I want the fire'. (16:52)
2007 05 13: Mother's Day. Featuring the poems 'without repent', 'small hands' and 'Cassiopeia's Garden: Wildflowers'. (14:30)
2007 05 06: 'Wailing Wall'. An examination of inspiration, with poems including 'in the strangest corners of memory' capped by the rock anthem 'Wailing Wall' by the Gods of Love. (18:04)
2007 04 29: 'Return to the Cliffs'. The poet discusses his evolution as a poet and his faith in poetry. (19:32)
2007 04 22: 'Death and Immortality'. The poet reads new works concerning the Virginia Tech shootings and the pain of losing a loved one. (13:04)
2007 04 15: Immortal Five Times: The Poet reads his poem, 'I Should Have Been Immortal' five times over in honor of Kurt Vonnegut's passing. (15:54)
2007 04 08: National Poetry Month, part II: "Shelley, Poe, Byron and Browning" (20:32)
2007 04 01: National Poetry Month, part I: "The Shame Before the Fall", "Open", "Hold the Bridge", "feral with desire", "The Joint of Your Hip", "Mojo" and two songs: "Strange but Beautiful" and "DARFUR" (31:00)
2007 03 25: What Dreams May Come: "sleep","The Unicorns". (09:07)
2007 03 11: Sliding Through the Ides: "My Life","The Dance of Decades","FAITH","There Must Be a Season" and "City of Angels". (15:13)
2007 02 25: The Blog Prince: "Will You Be With Me Tonight?","Voices on the Wind, Variation Two","The Gloaming Light of a Mid-Spring's Meander" and "The Ancient Brain". (14:53)
2007 02 18: Where Did That Come From?: "Glass" and "Response to Glass". (13:46)
2007 02 12: Vaentine's Day: "Poet's Lament", "From the Parapet" and "But I've Got You On My Mind". (13:36)
2007 02 04: A Melancholy Heart, with poems "The Faerie (Love)", "She Dances Away When I Awake" and "Waiting for the Pentecost". (09:08)
2007 01 15: "Psalms of the Monster River Cult" with Daniel S. McTaggart. (15:15)
2007 01 07: "Skyscraper Ambition" and "Cut Me". (14:15)
2006 12 24: Yes, Jasmin, there is a Santa Claus. Three new works by the Gods of Love: "Slitoris", "Pkaying With Fire" and "Long Stemmed Jasmin". (15:09)
2006 12 16: The (Compleatly) Naked Reads. The poet shares the entirety of his latest CD. (32:19)
2006 11 19: The Naked Reads (a preview). (12:57)
2006 11 12: How Would You Have Me Touch You?. (08:09)
2006 10 29: A Passion, Unrelenting. (12:48)
2006 10 15: Once More, The Nemicorn. (12:50)
2006 10 01: DARFUR: Jesus Wept. (12:52)
2006 09 24: A celebration of the wedding of the poet's daughter.(13:14)
2006 08 16: In honor of the Amomancer's birthday, a special show with 'The Faerie(Strange But Beautiful)', 'The Texture of Your Tongue' and 'The Thunder Out of Valhalla(We Owe Debt to Memory)' by the poet and his band, The Gods of Love.(15:40)
2006 08 01: The poet shares his new works, 'the faerie: Oona', "The Goad", "pretty pretty soul' and 'Non Plus Ultra' as well as the latest single by his poetry-music fusion band 'The Gods of Love': 'Horizon'.(17:28)
2006 07 17: Daniel S. McTaggart joins in to discuss his forthcoming joint effort book, 'Psalms of the Monster River Cult'.(16:42)
2006 07 10: The dark apocalyptic industrial madness of 'Joining the Machine' is presented. (11:22)
The Books of William F. DeVault:
INVOCATO (13:32)
Love Gods of a Forgotten Religion (10:26)
The Morgantown Suite Poems (10:24)
The Compleat Panther Cycles (19:40)

The Muses of William F. DeVault:
Alisha (The Will O Wisp, The Truth) (12:18)
The Goldenheart (10:40)
Psyche (The Electric Lady, Nemicorn) (12:32)

Check out his video for 'Right Set of Lips' at YouTube...
The Poetry of Nordette Adams:
Crescent City Blues in K (3:30)
One Dumb Bird (2:16)

The Poetry of Daniel S. McTaggart:
Guerilla Poetry (0:36)
Punching Glass (0:58)
An assortment of entrees (1:11)

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...The Poetry of William F. DeVault (singles, samplers and mood sets)
TRIUMPH: The epic story of war, sacrifice and inner conflict. (5:02)
Mood Erotique: A gently erotic set of readings (3 poems; Aside, Astride the Phoenix; gibbous; Intimacies) (3:24)
From Out of the City William F. DeVault reads his legendary metaphysical poem (2:04)
INVOCATO Sampler: Six poems, including Cartouche and Glass Roses (5:13)
Horizon: Prophetic words of self-determination and the quest for love (1:21)
First Date Blues: Reflecting on his own high school experiences (1:12)
The Unicorns: The acclaimed work of innocence and longing (1:06)
Mood Romantique: Gentle and passionate expressions of love (5 poems; Soubrette, The Patchwork Skirt of My Love, Damascus (Movement III), Damascus (Movement VII), Cithara Song...strummed lightly as the sun leaps the horizon) (6:40)
The Philosophy of Dreams: A smoky recitation, in a beatnik motif, of a seduction. (2:24)
ritornelle for silence: A disturbing mood piece. (0:38)
Panther on the Beach: A vision of a lover and the longing to be with her. (1:54)
We Owe Debt to Memory: Romance as a crusade, a calling. (1:08)
Illusion of Grey: A lover's despair. (1:43)
Mood Poetique: Master works from the master poet. (3 poems; I rained poetry, from out of the city, Love Gods of a Forgotten Religion) (7:10)
The Jester of Hearts: Self definition and resignation (1:50)
The Darker Angels: A vision of madness and theocricide.(1:50)
Theocricide at Mach 10e6: Mourning absent friends and lost loves.(2:07)
Diogenes: 400 lines of abstract personal history.(17:50)
Goblins in My Attic: A playful statement of the creative urge. (0:22)

'From Out of the City' Archive

2006 07 04: Patriotism is the theme, with a reading of the anti-war poem 'An American Father'. (12:31)
2006 06 30: How the poet assembled his 'single' based on 'The Nosferatu's Quandry', 'NQ'. (14:23)
2006 06 23: In honor of West Virginia Day, June 20th, the Romantic Poet of the Internet presents several poems from his book 'The Morgantown Suite Poems'. (21:32)
2006 06 17: The 'Naked Reads' of ten poems, including 'cithara song, strummed lightly as the sun leaps the horizon'. (30:26)
2006 06 09: A tribute to the poet's daughter, Perelandra. Includes the poems 'an apology to my daughter' and 'ten fingers, ten toes'. (15:25)
2006 05 20: The complete soundtrack of William F. DeVault's forthcoming CD 'The Last Romantic Verb'. (59:02)
2006 05 13: Commencements, featuring 'The Morning is Upon Us', 'The Amomancer Dances in the Shadows' and 'Bragi to Freya, on his deathbed'. (21:32)
2006 05 06: A Mothers Day tribute, of sorts. (17:00)
2006 04 29: A National Poetry Month Tribute to Gertrude Stein. (12:52)
2006 04 22: 'Elysiums Illusion' and "Hold the Bridge' as well as a rant on the essential role of poetry in history and religion. (21:50)
2006 04 15: A look at Poetry magazine's 'Poetry in America' survey, as well several poems, including 'Ouranos'. (17:28)
2006 04 08: 'Four Sonnets from an Unexpected Quarter'. (17:28)
2006 04 01: Unveiling 'Kisses for Karma' a well as featured readings of 'Arabesque' and 'Memory Calls' and a poem, 'Sea Rose' by Hilda Doolittle.(19:06)
- Just the single 'Kisses for Karma'.(03:15)
2006 03 25: William F. DeVault reads a tribute to poets that influenced him and his work in '9-1/2 poets'.(13:01)
2006 03 18: Blue collar poet Daniel S. McTaggart visits to read from his forthcoming book 'Midnight Muse in a Convenience Store'.(25:56)
2006 03 11: 'The Resolve of an Easrnest Lover, Adrift', 'Matthew 10:14' and cycles 'Ronin in the Temple of Aphrodite' and "The Trinity Cycle' are featured.(22:02)
2006 03 04: 'Rise' and "Unassuming Smile' anchor this week's show in the new format.(12:24)
2006 02 18: 'Love is An Howling Beast' and the erotic cycle 'Penetralia' (NOTE: explicit material).(14:48)
2006 02 11: The Romantic Poet of the Internet celebrates Valentine's Day with two full-length readings of romantic and erotic works. (NOTE: explicit material) (31:14)
- Just the Romantic Track from the Valentine's Day show.(20:24)
- Just the Erotic Track from the Valentine's Day show.(11:28)
2006 02 04: The Romantic Poet of the Internet welcomes Ron Chalice and E.T. Waldron, and reads his own work 'Copper'.(13:44)
2006 01 28: A discussion of 'Obscurantism' in poetry, featuring William F. DeVault reading 'The Poisoned Pen', 'TRANSCENDENCE' and 'The Obscurantist Reflects'.(24:12)
2006 01 21: 'Beasts of Legends' debuts, as the Romantic Poet of the Internet discusses the works contained in this seven poem musical piece(25:54)
2006 01 14: Urban spoken word icon Aberjhani visits in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend(15:38)
2006 01 07: Nordette Adams, Tinka Boukes, Daniel S. McTaggart and 'The Selke' interpret some of the poet's works, and a trilogy of works are presented as part of "Live at Kyrienar"(25:32)
2005 12 31: 'Wordslinger' premieres. Happy New Year!(20:34)
2005 12 24: Mountain Poet Daniel S. McTaggart brings his blue collar poetry to the microphone. DeVault reads "garden of souls". (20:56)
2005 12 17: Poet-diva Nordette Adams storms in with her New Orleans spicy style. DeVault reads "in the arms of the dragon". (32:56)
2005 12 10: Poets for Human Rights Founder Larry Jaffe visits the city. DeVault reads 'All that is required'.(20:34)
2005 12 03: Our inaugural show, featuring U.K. poet and author Dave Taub. DeVault deconstructs 'from out of the city' (25:16)